Saturday, 3 November 2018

To Get the Why, You Need to Know where to Look

Someone had a go at me  (perhaps) saying "The ego-maniacs arguing about whether MS is T cell or B cell impacted is a wonderful example of the Pharma hold on the Medical Industry"

I disagree this is an academia led issue, MS pharma don't care, they know where they dropped their wallet:-)

"All the arguments and their associated time wasting hides the essence of the problem. The reason, the 'why' factor is the issue with the immune system involvement in any and all chronic diseases"

Your point is well taken, but I have been taking an extreme view on B cells to demonstrate to the T cell dogma, that it needs to think outside of the sterotyped box.  T and B cells do not exist in isolation but for many see "outside of a T cell sphere" only as an after-thought, when T cells a helper cells for others to do the business.

However this is important as highlighted by the "Streetlight effect" as you need to know where to look to find the why, and I thing we have been clear about one route to a "wht".


  1. or is the answer "sugar" Can you write a blog about this, please?

  2. Is blaming the immune system for doing what it created to do and calling an illness and disability 'auto-immune' simply a sign of Industry dictating to Science by stopping enquiry?


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