New blog launching

On Monday 14th January we will launch the new Barts-MS blog.

Please change your bookmarks, sign up for new post email alerts or change your subscription to the new blog!

You will no longer be able to visit or comment on the old blog. But no posts or comments will be lost, we have transferred everything over to the new platform.

Here is the address for the new site:  

We would like to thank everyone who commented and looked at the prototype. You have really helped us to hone the blog and to improve it for our readers.

In case you missed the last post on why we are making the changes, here is that information:

Why the change?

We listened to some common problems from our readers and talked about what was and wasn't working for authors and guest bloggers too. Here are the main things we came up with:

What are the changes?

The main functions of the new design are:

It's really important to know that no content is being deleted in the transfer. To confirm, ALL old posts and comments will be transferred over.