6th BARTS-MS Research Day

Sponsorship Statement for the 6th Barts MS Research Day

Funds received from the pharmaceutical industry to support the 6th Barts MS Research Day on the 21st March 2015 will be used to host the meeting. Hosting the meeting includes venue hire, subsistence on the day (food and drinks), reasonable transport, stationary and printing, information technology (filming and editing) and reasonable additional subsistence and travel costs for outside speakers. The meeting will be held at Church House (Dean's Yard, London SW1P 3NZ) as it has 11 disabled toilets that will allow the staff to cope with up to 50 people in wheelchairs.

The provision of hospitality to people with MS and their family members, and staff hosting and presenting on the day, will be limited to refreshments/subsistence (meals and drinks) and the payment of reasonable travel costs were necessary. Healthcare professionals will not receive payment for attending the meeting, but will receive reimbursement for reasonable out of pocket expenses, including travel and accommodation (external speakers only).

The meeting will comply with the ABPI guidelines on hosting meetings of this nature: (1) the meeting has a clear educational content; (2) the venue is appropriate and conducive to the main purpose of the meeting; (3) the subsistence associated with the meeting is secondary to the nature of the meeting and is appropriate and not out of proportion to the occasion; (4) hospitality that is being provided to staff will not be extended to a spouse or other such person that are not a member of the health professions or appropriate administrative staff and qualifies as a proper delegate or participant at the meeting in their own right; (5) material which could be interpreted as being promotional in relation to medicines will refer to their generic names and not their trade names; (6) and where necessary any reference to off-label prescribing of a medicine will be accompanied by a suitable statement indicating that the product is not registered for that indication.

Finally, the pharmaceutical companies kindly sponsoring the meeting have been acknowledged in the introductory and concluding presentations, on a poster during the meeting and in the material that will be posted online after the meeting.

Biogen-Idec, Genzyme-Sanofi, Novartis and Roche kindly agreed to contribute to the costs of hosting  the day. 

Professor Gavin Giovannoni, Professor David Baker and Ms Alison Thomson

24th March 2015

"The following are the slides from the 6th Barts-MS Research Day talks. We will post the recorded talks once they have been edited."

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