Barts MS Advisory Group

The Barts MS Advisory Group is a group of people with MS and patients of the Barts MS service who meet regularly to discuss the research activities and MS service provided by the Barts MS Team.

The Barts MS Advisory Group describes their aim as being:
  • A liaison between patients, clinicians and researchers
  • A group of engaged patients to sense check what the Barts MS Research Team is doing
  • A meeting of like minded people with a common interest (but also different people from different backgrounds that you might not normally meet)
  • A forum of ideas - where it’s about bringing together what clinicians want to achieve but adding the patient perspective to it
  • An avenue to shove information up (to the clinical team) allowing the patient voice to be heard
What does the Barts MS Advisory Group do?
  • Review and inform the design of study information
  • Impact, change, and improve the design of the blog
  • Discuss issues of concern to patients and bring these to the attention of the clinical team
  • Initiate the development of clinic service information
  • Develop content, format and design of events such as the MS Research Day
  • User test information resources to ensure they are patient focussed, usable and interesting

The group has been involved in the development of award winning information resources used within the Barts MS service and are continually contributing to the design and development of new resources. If there is an issues relating to the research activities of the Barts MS Team or the MS clinical service at The Royal London Hospital and you would like the Advisory Group to discuss this then please email with the subject title: FAO Barts MS Advisory Group

The group will write up each of their meetings and post a description of what was discussed on this blog. You will be able to read these posts by searching #BartsSpeak

The group has been meeting since September 2014 and is organised by Alison Thomson. Since July 2015, the groups meetings have been very kindly funded by the Centre for Public Engagement at Queen Mary, University of London. This covers travel and refreshments costs of the meetings.

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