BartsMS Charity

The BartsMS Charity falls under the umbrella of Queen Mary University London, a registered charity, that allows people to donate money to support our work.

Please note BartsMS Charity is not a stand alone charity, but simply a dedicated fund held by Queen Mary University London, which has charitable status. We chose this solution - rather than starting a charity from scratch - to keep any associated administrative costs to a minimum. In fact we have no administrative costs, i.e. all donations to the BartsMS Charity will go towards the objectives outlined below.

At present we are working on several themes many of you are familiar with, including our initiatives #ThinkHand
#MS-Chariot, #OffLabel prescribing, #ClinicSpeak and the #CharcotProject.

To make a donation please do it via the QMUL donation page and chose destination '01. Barts MS'.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know.

And please follow us on @BartsMS_Charity

Thank You!

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