How the oral DMTs stack-up againt each other in terms of efficacy

I keep getting asked what is the most efficacious oral DMT? The following table is a summary of the headline results of the phase 3 studies for the 5 oral DMTs:

                                      Reduction                       Reduction
                             Annual Relapse Rate      Disability Progression

1. BG12                        53%                                  38%
2. Cladribine                58%                                  33%
3. Fingolimod              54%                                  30%
4. Laquinimod             23%                                  36%
5. Teriflunomide          32%                                  30%

Please remember that all agents are associated with particular side-effects and other attributes; hence the decision on which one is more appropriate for a particular person will require some careful thought. Individualised Medicine!

CoI: I have conflicts of interests in relation to all of these compounds. Barts and The London is involved in the clinical development of all of these compounds and I personally have received compensation for acting as an advisor to Biogen-Idec (BG12), Merck-Serono (Cladribine), Novartis (Fingolimod), Teva (Laquinimod) and Sanofi-Aventis (Teriflunomide).