History of MS (1): Russell Brains Monologue

Murray T. Russell Brains Review of MS. Int MS J. 2011 May;17(2):50-3.

In 1930 there were many conflicting views on the cause, incidence, precipitating factors, inheritance and treatment of MS. A young, London neurologist summarized the state of understanding of the disease with his personal view of many of the uncertain areas, and clarified the thinking for the neurological community at that time. Although his later career was influential in many fields of medicine, and his personal influence was extraordinary in many areas as an author, educator, administrator, opinion leader and historian, his review was an important milestone in the history of MS.

"Lord Brain was one of predecessors at The Royal London Hospital. His monograph on MS is remarkable considering when it was written. I would recommend it if you are interested in the history of MS."

Brain, W.R. Critical review: disseminated sclerosis. Q J Med 1930, 23: 343-391.