Video blog (1): PML Explained

"This video blog is response to a query from one of the readers for more information on this topic and in response to an audit we performed on this subject among the MS'ers on Natalizumab at the Royal London Hospital."

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17 Jun 2011
The observed clinical trial rate was in PwMS who had received a mean of 17.9 monthly doses of natalizumab. In comparison, the post-marketing rate is calculated as the number of PML cases since reintroduction in PwMS who ...
31 May 2011
Of the women exposed to natalizumab during pregnancy, 29 women gave birth to 28 healthy children; one child was born with hexadactyly (an extra finger), 5 pregnancies ended in an early miscarriage and one woman decided ...
19 May 2011
Clinical outcomes of natalizumab-associated progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. Vermersch P, et al. Neurology. 2011 May 17;76(20):1697-704. An assessment of the clinical outcomes and survival in 35 patients with ...
10 May 2011
Due to a heightened risk of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) with increased natalizumab exposure, some neurologists interrupt treatment of patients with MS despite a lack of data regarding the safety of ...