Schtop or Not. Pregnacy and MS

A New Study from the Netherlands has been looking at the effect of Pregnancy on MSers.

As is well known the relapse rate decreases during pregnancy, but as is known to occur there was a surge in relapses within 3 months after the birth.

However when doctors looked at 9 months after birth compared to before birth, there was no worsening n indicators of MS. Therefore no adverse effects of pregnancy on MS was found in the mid to long term.

Conclusions. Therefore Good News, having a baby is not going to affect your MS.

"Why does MS go away during pregnancy?".

Your baby is made up of features from Mum and Dad. The bits from dad should be rejected by the mum's immune system, just as a organ transplant would be, as they are foreign to the mum's immune system. During prenancy the mum's hormones trigger the suppression of the immune system, such that the baby is not rejected. As MS is caused by the immune system attacking the mum's nervous system, pregnancy also inhibits the immmune response driving MS.

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