Education:Targeting Progressive MS-Part I

Whilst trying to explain how white blood cells enter the brain, using an analogy with a car park , you asked "whether cars (white blood cells) were central to the problem of progressive MS? " Others asked "What is the problem in PPMS? " Why don't Current MS drugs work in PPMS?"

In the current series of (eight) short posts we will explore how Progressive MS develops and indicate how it may be treated, compared with Relapsing MS. So whilst Ryan seeks to do this with vegetables, we will stay with the transport theme.

This starts with roads (blood vessels) along which cars (white blood cells) travel, with the aim of destroying something.
(For people not familiar with British Roads the M above refers to motorway numbers like the I5 in American. These are roads around London. It is not inportant to know this to follow the story)

These cars travel along roads and once they get in the brain represented by a car park they cause havoc. These cars (white blood cells) leave the road (blood) and can enter the capark (brain) via an open barrier (blood brain barrier). Once inside they can damage the myelin-forming cells.

But before we can start to think about the carpark, we need to understand the underground (nerve) network.
More Next Time......... Ta Ta For Now (TTFN).

Not Interested in this simplified approach. See Prelude.