Second successful phase III Results for Alemtuzumab in MS

In the CARE MS II randomized trial involving 840 patients, a 49% reduction in relapse rate was observed in patients treated with alemtuzumab 12 mg compared to interferon beta-1a over two years of study (p<0.0001). There was also a 42% reduction in the risk of sustained accumulation (worsening) of disability as measured by the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) (p=0.0084). Analysis of the full CARE-MS II data is ongoing and results will be presented at a forthcoming scientific meeting.

"Alemtuzumab is the most effective DMT in late stage development. The first MS'er was treated with the drug in 1991 by Prof. Alastair Compston in Cambridge; if or when Alemtuzumab becomes available in the UK it will have taken over 20 years. The 'if' and 'over 20 years' is the depressing part of this story. 'If' as we have no idea how the EMA and NICE will deal with Alemtuzumab and '20 years' as that is what it takes to develop a drug for MS; although this is a bit longer than usual."

Source: Genzyme press release

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