Dr. Alasdair Coles: Guest Spot. Long-term follow up of CAMPATHers

You asked "Regarding a Cure; The earliest MSers to be treated with alemtuzumab were in the 90's. Even if there were only a handful, have any of them progressed yet?"

Prof G said "At some stage we will have to ask Alastair Coles to post on this issue".

So why not now, so we have passed on the question of one of the A's from Cambridge and wrote "I was wondering if you are able to make any comment for the blog on your experiences on the long-term follow-up of CAMPATHers".

Revd Dr Alasdair Coles, yes a neuro ordained in 2009, wrote

"An excellent question. We are in the business of trying to get just such an analysis together for a paper…...Should have news in a couple of months"

Without the persistance of Alasdair Coles and Alastair Compston, I doubt that CAMPATH-1H, (the worlds first humanised monoclonal antibody)/Alemtuzumab/Lemtrada would be on the MS agenda. This drug has told us a great deal about the disease already and has more to offer.

However as you know, if Dr. C has the answer in a few months it will take about 6 months to a year to hit the newstands. However as Neuros often present at meetings before the paper we may get to hear more. We will keep you posted.