Research: Cooling MS

Summers MP et al.  Keeping cool: use of air conditioning by australians with multiple sclerosis Mult Scler Int. 2012;2012:794310. Epub 2012 Mar 28.

Despite the known difficulties many people with MS have with high ambient temperatures, there are no reported studies of air conditioning use and MS. This study systematically examined air conditioner use by Australians with MS. A short survey was sent to all participants in the Australian MS Longitudinal Study cohort with a response rate of 76% (n = 2,385). Questions included hours of air-conditioner use, areas cooled, type and age of equipment, and the personal effects of overheating. Air conditioners were used by 81.9% of respondents, with an additional 9.6% who could not afford an air conditioner. Regional and seasonal variation in air conditioning use was reported, with a national annual mean of 1,557 hours running time. 90.7% reported negative effects from overheating including increased fatigue, an increase in other MS symptoms, reduced household and social activities, and reduced work capacity. Households that include people with MS spend between 4 and 12 times more on keeping cool than average Australian households

The are quite a few post on the blog concerning the influence of heat and MS. With the good old British weather we seldom really need air conditioning except for a few days, or a week or so a year. However in hotter climes this is more of an issue. The Blog is very multinational and for our readers in Oz and you may be interested by this. However I guess you realise that you are using your aircons alot.