Survey results: cognition

"Unfortunately, our blogger polls can only give us headline results. We would need to study this in more detail to get an idea of the particular cognitive problems MSers who read this blog are having. I would be interested to find out!"

"These results have important implications and are telling us that heathcare professionals are either not aware of the problem or they are avoiding discussing one of the major hidden disabilities of MS with you. I suspect we do this as we don't have effective treatments for MS-related cognitive impairment. Should this be a reason for not telling MSers about this problem?"

"I personally believe there is a time when all MSers need to know about the potential impact MS has can have on their lives and this includes the effect on cognition. Why? This information may help you when making a treatment about treatment; early aggressive treatments may be more desirable to someone with MS if they can prevent or substantially slow the development of cognitive impairment."

"I also believe that cognitive impairment is the main driver of early social disability in MS; loss of employment, breakdowns in relationships, depression and fatigue. Unfortunately, we don't have the tools to investigate and manage these problems in our routine clinics, but things are changing."

"I have been lobbying Pharma that the biggest unmet symptomatic needs in MS are cognitive impairment and fatigue, and that they should be developing drugs for these indications. Would you agree?"

"If you are a MSer at the Royal London Hospital please sign-up for our cognition study!"