Unrelated Blogger Comments-October

Sometimes you what to say something that is unrelated to the threads. This is a spot for You. Previous comments can be got at on the posts on the right of the main page.

Anonymous said...
RE: ccsvi I have a friend who underwent PTA in June last year. She has poor mobility and the procedure did nothing for this. BUT it did instantly stop her MS fatigue which had been even more of a problem than her walking. She tells me it disappeared 'as if by magic' and has not returned. If it's a placebo effect, it's pretty amazing! What do you think the explanation is?
MouseDoctor said...
I am very happy that the fatigue has gone. I can not explain it, because I do not know what the root of fatigue is.

Maybe it is caused by mediators such as through made by immune cells.

As I have said before if effects are so instantaneous then it should be easy to show so trials sound give instant read outs.