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#MSBlog: Defining an MS cure.

"I have been having several recent discussions with colleagues about whether or not we can cure MS. I think we can, but we need to know what a cure means to do this. We used the opportunity in a recent Editorial to define a cure. Do you think it is a reasonable starting point?"

Banwell et al. Editors' welcome and a working definition for a multiple sclerosis cure. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders. 2013; 2(2):65-67.

.... Defining a cure in MS is a difficult task. How long should we wait before declaring a victory; 15, 20 or 25 years? Oncologists have back-tracked on this issue and instead of a cure they now prefer to use the term NEDD, or no evidence of detectable disease, at a specific time-point knowing full well that a limited number of subjects will relapse and present with recurrent disease after this point. We propose using the term NEDA, or no evident disease-activity, at 15 years as a starting point for defining a cure. Why 15 years? This is the most commonly accepted time-point used for defining benign MS and therefore it is a usual end point. In addition, the median time to the onset of secondary progressive MS is ~10-11 years (Kremenchutzky, Rice et al. 2006) and is well within the 15 year time window of our proposed definition of a cure. At present NEDA is defined using a composite of a) no relapses, or b) no EDSS progression, or c) no MRI activity (new or enlarging T2 lesions or no Gd-enhancing lesions) (Havrdova, Galetta et al. 2009; Giovannoni, Cook et al. 2011). This description is currently based on data that is routinely collected in contemporary clinical trials (Havrdova, Galetta et al. 2009; Giovannoni, Cook et al. 2011). The definition of NEDA will evolve with technological innovations and clinical practice, and in the future it will almost certainly include MSer-related outcomes, grey matter disease activity, an index of brain atrophy and hopefully a CSF biomarker profile.....


Giovannoni, G., S. Cook, et al. (2011). "Sustained disease-activity-free status in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis treated with cladribine tablets in the CLARITY study: a post-hoc and subgroup analysis." Lancet Neurol 10(4): 329-337.

Havrdova, E., S. Galetta, et al. (2009). "Effect of natalizumab on clinical and radiological disease activity in multiple sclerosis: a retrospective analysis of the Natalizumab Safety and Efficacy in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (AFFIRM) study." Lancet Neurol 8(3): 254-260

Kremenchutzky, M., G. P. Rice, et al. (2006). "The natural history of multiple sclerosis: a geographically based study 9: observations on the progressive phase of the disease." Brain 129(Pt 3): 584-594.

CoI: I am co-chief editor of MSARDs the journal in which this definition was published

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