Natalizumab-associated PML Update: March 2013

#MSBlog: March natalizumab PML update; 343 confirmed cases with a 23% mortality rate on a denominator of more than 112,000 treated MSers.

"As of the 5th March 2013 there have been 343 confirmed cases of natalizumab-associated PML; 79 (23%) MSers have died because of PML and 264 (77%) are alive. Of the MSers who survive the majority are significantly disabled. These figures are on a denominator of over 112,000 MSers treated with Natalizumab to date."

The following presentation has been kindly provided by Biogen-Idec and contains more detailed figures.

Natalizumab safety and pml risk stratification march 2013 from Gavin Giovannoni

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