Survey results: private prescribing in the NHS

So it is morally right to write private prescriptions under the NHS? #MSBlog #MSResearch

"Thank you for taking the time to respond to the post 'Is it morally right to refuse someone a treatment under the NHS because someone else can't afford it?'. As you can see there are quite divergent opinions. It is a great pity that philosophical problems can't be solved by a democratic vote."


  1. The right to decent medical treatment should not depend on the size of your wallet. I strongly believe the NHS is our greatest national achievement and can't see the problem in paying more tax to support it.
  2. Talking of morality, it might help if the serial tax avoiders actually paid their fair share and then even the Tories might stop persecuting the poor and disadvantaged.
  3. Maybe the answer would be for the cost of such drugs to include a NHS premium that would go some way to deal with the moral argument.
  4. Wealth does not give you greater rights than someone poor. Equality, please.
  5. No' to the last question.
  6. I don't know enough about Britain or the NHS to answer the other questions. Not my business anyway.
  7. I hate all this, but if push comes to shove, there's nothing more important than your health and if I had to pay more, I would - if the alternative was not having the care I currently get. 
  8. The NHS currently gets away with treating people very badly. The sort of behaviour we wouldn't tolerate in suppliers of services for which we'd pay. This needs to change.
  9. Private scripts for private patients whose doctors are NOT NHS.
  10. Let the them do it privately. Alternatively get rid of private practise especially for part-time NHS doctors and create a private practice arm of the NHS where the extra revenue helps underpin the NHS.
  11. Next you will be doing web-based private consultations of NHS staff, would be a money earner for the country and you would need to travel to Harley Street
  12. We pay towards opticians/dentists, why not towards Doctor appointments (as per prescriptions) and food at hospitals. A fixed sum for medical procedures (as per dentists)
  13. Yes there is an option it is called private practice.

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