Thursday, 21 August 2014

Barts MS Team away day - reporting back

Last Thursday we held our first team away day for over 5 years. When planning the day it was very clear that we had a mountain of topics to get through so getting everyone away from the distractions of Whitechapel was important. So, we ended up on a boat, in Regents Park, on a vintage red bus and then back on the canal. 

Before we could start discussing the huge agenda, we had to loosen up a bit. We started our team building with The Marshmallow Challenge to help us think innovatively, creatively and collaboratively.

We then used personas to help us imagine new goals for the team and inspire us to 'think big'.

But this wasn’t just a bit of fun, we really considered how to make (the more plausible) ambitions a reality.

Some of the big messages to come out of the day been around improving communication within the group, consolidating the ‘Barts MS’ brand that encompasses all of our initiatives and ensuring that our clinical service, research projects and public engagement efforts are inherently linked.

We also spent time considering individuals roles within the group and how peoples day-to-day work can feed into these main ambitions. Some of the new ideas to come out of the day involved:

    Innovative funding ideas
    Improving our MS Nurse service
    Our move to the new Royal London Hospital building and the potential for new clinics
    Barts MS within UCLP and QMUL
    This blog! (you might notice some new authors - please be gentle)
    Education via Centre of the Cell
    The Future of the MS Research Day
    New research avenues
    Operational procedures within the group

Apart from that, there was a lot of nitty gritty discussed that will ultimately make us a better functioning team. We hope you will see the benefits of the day through our work and in the coming years. And on top of all that, we even got a team selfie!


  1. Brilliant idea to hold everyone 'captive' on a boat - I bet you all enjoyed that aspect. Tell us a bit more about the move - when, where, are you moving? Good to see you all so focussed on improving things for MSers, thanks for all you do :-)

  2. You seem like a really nice bunch! Now I'd have loved to take part in that, too - perhaps one day when I can walk again I might visit you - so brace yourselves.

  3. Brilliant! More power to your elbows!

  4. :-))) looks like you are having fun, do you have a vacancy for a rheumatologist there ;-)?


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