Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Barts MS team away day tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the first time that we, as a multidisciplinary team, will spend one whole day together focussing on our strategy as a research group and clinical service. This day has taken 3 months to organise which reflects the difficulty in getting everyone in the same room* at the same time.

A comment on the blog a few weeks ago asked about our 5 -10 year strategy, well, this is exactly what we will be discussing tomorrow. We will have over 30 people attend including most of our clinical team, the team from the lab, representation from the trials unit, our administrative team, research trainees and some close collaborators.
We will be developing a 5 year vision for our research, clinical and public & patient engagement efforts. Alongside this we will be considering our work as a research group and clinical service amongst others and as always, thinking about ways to improve the quality and impact of our work.

We'll report back on how we get on (with photos!)

*we're not going to be in a room.


  1. Well, then wishing you a very enjoyable and productive day away team G.

    Don't forget biomarkers, brain atrophy, oct, spinal cord atrophy, progressive ms, neuroprotection etc.

    and of course, the Charcot baby.

  2. How about Repair and of course World Peace:-)

  3. Best of luck with the session, and thank you for your dedication in helping those of us with MS!

  4. pointless jolly, if you ask moi.

  5. You've set yourself a tough task, good luck

  6. Yes, hope you have a really good day that adds to your enthusiasm, inspiration and conviction.


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