Wednesday, 12 November 2014

ECTRIMS 2020? :-)

As I have said, I am at a Science meeting in Germany. 

Pharma have a low key presence compared to what currently happens at ECTRIMS, where Pharma may spend more on their presence than the cost of buying a house. Is this picture, a glimpse of the future of Clinical Meetings? :-)

In 2019, the non biologicals start to come out of patent and then the price of MS drugs should begin to tumble (about 90%) as generics hit the market. The biologicals that are now out of patent will not have such a reduced price (~10%) as the me-too manufacturers have to do trials. 

If the money goes, will Pharma  interest disappear too?
This is the stand of a well known Pharma 
The number of immune targeting drugs will have expanded and only drugs that are safer than current drugs will get a look in.

Will the regulators keep on insisting in clinical outcomes in MS trials, such that it takes years for a repair and protection trial such that 15 years may have elapsed by the time phase II & phase III are done, so pharma won't have time to re-coup their costs before the patent runs out.

Which Pharma will be in the field in 2020?

What will the Jollies be like in ECTRIMS 2020....a bit of light reading material:-).


  1. Or maybe stem cell treatments will become more available and change the scene completely ?

    1. I am sure the neurologists (& scientists) hope you are right and a stem cell company comes to the fore.....

  2. It sounds like the golden age of MS medicine is coming to an end.

    1. Yes we are getting medicines that really work well:-)

    2. OK, since MS is a field that is going to have diminishing returns for pharma, what will be the next big cash cow disease? Alzheimers? Probably not since this is reaching epidemic proportions and the health systems can't pay $40k/yr for people at the end of their lives.

      I suspect Autism may be next as this effects the young and seems to be a growing problem. You probably should find a way to make Autistic mice.



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