Monday, 10 November 2014

John O'Groat's to Land's End - Day 6

So far I have been opting for the scenic route. After 6 days of it, however, my legs are telling me that they hate the scenic route. The scenic route always means the hilly route. 



Tomorrow I'm really hoping that trace flattens out...


  1. Well done you! Do you have a just giving page where people can sponsor you?

    1. Tom's Just Giving donation page is here if anyone would like to contribute.
      Go Tom!!!

    2. Thank you anon - very generous. I hadn't previously put the just giving link up here as I didn't really want to take over the blog for fundraising; I'm doing these posts hoping that they just provide a little light relief from the heavier research info. Now the link is up there, however, the MS society would obviously appreciate everything they can get!


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