Sunday, 9 November 2014

Seeing the Comment

We used to have a Blogger App that allowed you to choose the number of comments that were visible on the home page.

We were forced to change this to a Google App as the original App stopped working. This App only allows 5 comments at at a time, which is not enough. So you either have to go onto each post and see the comments or you can get email alerts when these are posted.

There is a webtool IFTTT ( It stands for “If then then that”; there is a recipe that can be programmed to send you an email every time a new comment gets made on the blog.

The recipe trigger is the RSS feed ( and the action is an email to your email address.

If you use Microsoft Outlook It allows you to add an RSS feed (http://multiple-sclerosis- and this will load all published comments into the RSS feed folder.

You can also use the atom feed from the blog; depending on which browser you are using and which RSS reader it uses it may, or may, not load all the comments. 


  1. Thank you Prof G - the new tab at the top labelled "New Comments" is working brilliantly - and my Outlook Inbox won't be inundated with a heaps of e-mails each day which I think it would if I used the IFTTT webtool.

    Just one question - can the new tab/feed be set up to show new comments up to about three days old - at the moment its only showing approx. the last 24 hours?

    Thank you again - from the Land Down Under

    1. I have just added a new gadget at the bottom of the page that deals with problem. The problem you are having relates to the settings of your Browsers RSS feeder.


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