Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Brain training..can you remember?

You asked "Do you write puzzles" for those of you who have been visiting the blog for some time, can you remember this picture from brain training done some time ago?

I wonder if Tony Fonda (Blogger) remembers saying:

'Moqtada Sadr was having Fish for dinner when he read in the Newspaper that Jimmy Carter (White man's Caricature) had plans with the Saudis (Bearded guy to the left) so Sadr had an Idea (Light Bulb) to raise Cash (Coins) and create a para-military movement.'

How can you not remember that? Did you remember the story? 


  1. Yes he does!

    He equally floated the idea last Saturday of a patient-driven clinical trial funding model :)

  2. I remember too...p.s. the guy on the left is a Vasilis Vasilopoulos in my story:-)

  3. Not to hijack your post, but I would have said that was Teddy Kennedy.


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