Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Peoples Strictly. Vote Trishna

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If you only come here for the Research News, you can skip this piece on Peoples Strictly. 

There is no point in being a Troll or a Grumpy negative comments are not going to be posted!

Today is Trishna's big day.

Trishna contributes to TeamG activities including being one of our Expert MSers, who is embedded in our teaching, clinical and research activities. She also runs Asian MS, which is associated with the MS Society. 

Six inspirational but everyday heroes and heroines have been confirmed to take part in BBC One’s The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief and fulfil every Strictly fan’s dream.

The Today's episode will see all six contestants compete on the famous Strictly Come Dancing ballroom, as they vie for the judges’ scores and viewers’ votes. The judges’ scores will be for guidance only, and the public will have the deciding vote.

Voting lines will open once all couples have danced and the winner of the public vote will then be crowned The People’s Strictly champion as part of the live Comic Relief show on BBC One on Friday 13 March 2015.

You can watch starting Today BBC1 (British Broadcasting Corporation) at 21.00.

I am sure you are all aware of the fatigue that many MSers get. Also let's not forget Uhthoff phenomenon, which is the worsening of symptoms, when the body gets overheated. With an increased body temperature, nerve impulses are either blocked or slowed down in a damaged nerve, but once the body temperature is normalized, signs and symptoms may disappear.


  1. Mousedoctor, I am not a Troll and I wish Trishna good luck for her adventure. I hope employers that watch the programme will now see that people with MS work hard and it changes their attitudes when they see MS on our job application forms, It is all positive. Please could you explain what an expert MSer is, this is the first time I've heard this phrase?

    1. You are all potential expert MSers.

      We run educational courses for pharmaceutical industry young neurologists Masters and doctoral students and who else is better to teach about ms than people with MS.They are the stars of the courses and they are the experts. So we have a group of people who do this activity and we call them the expert MSers. They range from EDSS 0 to EDSS 9.

      I think this may have helped give ideas to CEO of companies that MS is not just all about DMT.

      In addition to their teaching role they are also involved in helping develop our public enguagement activities anguother stuff. They give their time to help us to be more responsive in our activithave and have guided the make-over that is going to happen to the face of the blog.


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