Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Research Day Videos will be Arriving Soon

I have seen all the research day videos and we will begin to post them very soon.

Some have been slightly edited a bit to remove some of the "bloopers" and the top secret data (unpublished) that is not ready for prime time so "What was said at Church House Stays at Church House" :-)

ProfT (AJT) from UCLP is clearly the Terry Wogan of Research Chat and did a fantastic job of chairing the sessions.
          TW Irish chat show host       AJT Irish Research day host

ProfG had just travelled back from Australia that morning and DrK arrived 5min before the start, so ProfB presented all the basics, please excuse the ums, with no pointer with a the slide screen 30cm from his head.

Prof B.              The Basics (20min pre-meeting brain overload)

The videos are ten minutes of chat followed by the questions.

ProfG.               The Ghosts of Research Past, Present & Future
DrBen                Trial results (RRMS, Neuroprotection & Repair)
ProfB                 Drug development
Arie                    Myth Busting & why ProfG is a Sleeping Aid:-)
John Saxton      Exercise
Trish & Trudi   Combating congnition
Amy & DrK      Understanding MRI


  1. I'm back from holiday and checked the site for the exciting news promised by MD2 (the Neil Kinnock of Team G). As I expected - there is no exciting news. It's good to see that Team G still operates in line with North Korea. As I expected, the videos of the research day are to be doctored and sanitised so they will be of no interest to those who couldn't attend. Anything interesting is lost so I won't bother watching the bland videos. You guys could be cutting edge, giving us an early insight into what might be round the corner. You could have been Hurricane Higgins - brilliant and unpredictable, shooting from the hip, taking a risk. Instead your videos will be less interesting that Peppa Pig. MD2 shoed promise, he was willing to be brave.... However, the threat to take his labcoat and bunsen burner away if he dare stray from the official Stalinist line were too much for him. He could have been Tom Jones, but ended up as Aled Jones. Hang your heads in shame team G - you have become as bland as the little white mice you infect with EAE.

    1. I hope you enjoyed your holiday and welcome back, I'm the Aneurin Bevan of Team G. More James Dean Bradfield than Aled Jones but I'm warming up the vocal cords soon. Fan as I was of Alex Higgins, seeing how he ended up cautions against that career choice.You induce EAE not infect and not having eaten one I can't comment whether they're bland or not.
      No shame here.
      We're walking in the air...................................................

    2. Hope the holiday was good, but why come back with such a bad mood:-(

      So Biotin Time is not exciting news? What will it take to excite you?...maybe don't answer that:-)..Yeah really don't answer.
      Maybe nothing we can do will excite so... "picture me in these" will be of no help I guess:-)

      So now to the research day, watching the videos are your choice. But, just as you are wrong that you infect mice to give them EAE
      (It is not an infection), I believe you are wrong about the blandness and not showing glimpses of the future. I guess you will never know..your loss:-).

      Not wanting to watch videos because of edits, is saying you don't watch television!. Maybe you are happy to have a minutes silence, may be you want to see someone the last time they were let out on stage :-), maybe then we should remove pictures of the slides so you can't read them and maybe we should show the world our unpublished data so that someone can publish it before we do. Yes this happens. Nobody is going to repeat a clinical trial quickly but people can repeat an experiment, which is why you seldom see basic science research presentations in the videos, unless they have been published.

      Maybe we should let anti-vivisectionists use our work in some context that it was not meant to be in.

      Maybe don't watch the videos and then you definitely won't know what is round the corner and Peppa pig is great for some people:-)

      Maybe MD2 is gagged not because of our regime but out of respect to our Colleagues who work you want to know in advance of it being in the public eye.

    3. Looks like Anon 12.34pm didn't have a good holiday - probably just got home and got the holiday credit card statement in the mail - oops - blown the personal budget for the next six months. Gotta take it out on someone - "Oh - I know - I'll have a bash at Team G, 'cos I can do that anonymously".

    4. OK I'll watch them.

      I'm not sure about Biotin. More interested in Phenytoin results.

      See you at the AAN meeting MD. Don't overdo the burgers and Budweiser.

    5. Us meeces are too busy to attend. I'm more interested in the phenytoin results too.

    6. we are not let out im afraid we get the east end profg getts the west wing

    7. Now we can all start singing like canaries ;-)

  2. "What was said at Church House Stays at Church House"
    An inducement to turn up next time for those that booked and didn't, if there is a next time.

  3. Is that what was the big news that md2 has been keeping from everyone

  4. And when will othera find out?

  5. Can we be a little bit more descript on it all
    IS it your good news or work done by others? You have to understand how horrible this is when your struggling and praying for some good news

  6. Regarding editing the meaty bits out of the videos: It's a bit of a pity for those physically unable to attend your research days. It's not very considerate of disabled people, is it? And surely there are a few of those among the people interested in your research. I'm not among the most disabled, but with fatigue that hits me out of the blue like a freight train, travelling to London (= to hell for a country person such as I) is not possible for me.


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