Sunday, 12 July 2015

TeamG Charity Run

On Sunday, 12th Jul 2015

runs the

  to raise money for the

Please give generously or Damian Hurst's Charity girl 
gets hanged:-)

Please sponsor TeamG here:

Thank you!

PS This isn't high pressure Fundraising:-)

I will do 10K on the cross-trainer too!


  1. Cross trainer 7.7 miles @ 12min/mile = 10.8K = please give generously

    1. Absolutely, it is so important to support the MS Trust if you have MS or know someone that does. Even a few pounds will help as it all adds up. I've donated and yes, I have MS, which I don't want to get worse, charities like the MS trust fund research to improve treatments such as fatigue management and keeping MS nurses in post.


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