Friday, 9 October 2015

Great Expectations

And the winner of the Best ECTRIMS2015 poster  prize is.......
Did pharma forget to make it and put it up:-)


  1. Perhaps this is this symbolic of all the $$ pumped into studies that have results we will never see?

  2. Agree that the prizes are ridiculous. However these were academic posters - not Pharma. Check the abstract book.

    1. IThey probably could not get the funds to attend the meeting, and shows that the prizes are based on the abstracts and not the actual posters.

      Pharma poster were there because someone was paid make (many of) them and then put them up. I saw some with rosettes too.
      or I have to burst this bubble a rosette was given to poster on CARE-1 alemtuzumab

  3. Ach, this is really old hat. Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono and all have done it already. You must use your creative visualisation and open your mind to the unseen, that which is not immediately evident. We should appreciate that a researcher may have put a lot of time into these exhibits, e.g. by staring at a blank poster for many hours:


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