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"Despite being in Barcelona 3 days today is day 1 of ECTRIMS 2015. After a year's work we finally managed to launch our "Brain Health: time matters in multiple sclerosis" policy document last night. We would have preferred an official ECTRIMS satellite symposium, which was, unfortunately, not to be. Despite this we had a very good turnout and there has been a lot of discussion around the document. What we now need is your support and help in disseminating the information. Please download the document, read it and if you agree with it pledge your support for the document. We are hoping the campaign goes viral and we get thousands of people signing up to the initiative. I truly believe that if our recommendations are adopted and implemented widely it will make a big difference to people living with MS and their families."

"To pledge your support clinic on this image below and sign-up."

"We need your help to make this campaign go viral. At present we are working on the concept of holding a competition to see who can come up with the greatest viral campaign. The latter could be a picture, poem, movie, short story, sculpture, drawing, animation, design piece, campaign, etc. What will it take for the MS community to take Brain Health seriously? The following short video is an example of a very effective app that was designed by a company called periscopic to show you the impact of gun crime in USA; to keep it short I have only captured a stats from a single year (2013). The app shows you how many citizens in the USA died prematurely as a result of gun crime and how many years of life were lost. I would love someone to make an app like this for MS to illustrate how many neurons/axons, or brains, or cognitive functions are lost in MSers waiting to be diagnosed, waiting to be treated, waiting for a monitoring MRI, or waiting for their therapy to be escalated to a more effective treatment when they are not responding to their current therapy.  In essence we want to communicate the concept that 'time is brain'."

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