NeuroSpeak: CaseStudy 1 or CS1

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"On my recent trip to New York I was asked why do I contribute to an MS Blog. The reasons are multiple and one important one is education. We are therefore launching a new series of posts in the New Year called 'NeuroSpeak: Case Studies' as a platform to demonstrate to trainee healthcare professionals (HCPs) how to manage MS. The format will be a short case scenario with several questions. The latter will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. This will then be followed-up in ~2 weeks time by a short webinar (10-15 mins) to discuss the questions and to report the survey results. Based on the response of the readers of this blog we have decided not to do these case studies behind a firewall so that people with MS (pwMS) or MSers can also participate. I feel strongly about this as this will demonstrate to you how the 'art of neurology' is practiced and give you some insight into the neurological decision making process. These case studies are part of the evolution of the practice of medicine and will go a long way to helping you self-manage your MS."

"The following is the first case study in the series:

Questions you need to consider before the Jan-2016 webinar:
  1. What type of MS does this patient now have (Dec 2015)? 
  2. What was his baseline prognostic profile in Feb-2005?
  3. Would you have managed his MS differently?
    • In Feb-2005?
    • Between Oct-2006 to May-2012?
    • Between May-2012 to Dec-2015?
  4. Would you stop his glatiramer acetate (Dec-2015)?
  5. Does knowing his EDSS profile help you clinically?
  6. Excluding symptomatic treatments how would you manage his MS in 2016?"

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