BartsMS Off-label Cladribine use Information Sheet

For those Health Care professionals and People with MS who may be interested. 

We have updated our Information concerning off-label cladribine use at BartsHealth.

Barts ms clinical guidance for cladribine from BartsMSBlog

There is also information concerning the subcutaneous Administration of Cladribine

Barts ms clinical guidance for subcutaneous cladribine from BartsMSBlog

Furthermore people enrolling must sign a consent form and be very clear why they are willing to try cladribine. 

Barts ms cladribine consent nov2015_ks from BartsMSBlog

We want the best choices for people in our care. 

These may well be the current MS Pharma produced DMT.

However, at BartsMS we are at least willing to try some thing different when these avenues may not be available. 

The documents above show we are prepared to consider Cladribine as an off-label treatment (as we have done it on a similar individual basis, for example, with Rituximab) in situations where (i) eligibility for licensed DMTs cannot be established, or (ii) pwMS, together with the BartsMS team, make an informed decision in favour of off-label treatment rather than a licensed DMT. 

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