Sunday, 3 January 2016

Don't use the blog to Promote your own work

So how do you respond to this comment increase ProfGs altmetrics?;-)
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  1. No wonder Prof G looks tired and worn out!

  2. Beckons some questions:

    A. What is wrong with using ones own blog to promote one's own work not that I see that as the case here. If no entity working towards public welfare should promote their own work that would mean every not for profit operation on the planet is across the ethical equator.

    B. Some of us (especially my other half Cynthia) finds folks such as Prof G. inspirational even when her posts may end up on the cutting floor. She has told me on more than one occasion that his dedication helps keep her going on our work. She retweets rather religiously and wonders why others do not. She does this with the societies stuff too as she catches it. Asks why others do not. I told her, its about marketing per se. Then I become "victim". "Well is not this about people with MS? Like me? Like millions of others? Is'nt it about helping people, understanding this disease, getting rid of it?".... "Ummm.... yes Dear".

    You all keep doing exactly what you are doing and do not worry about malcontents.


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