Monday, 18 January 2016

NeuroSpeak: Google Hangout CaseStudy 13h00 GMT 18-Jan-2016

Barts-MS NeuroSpeak Case Study today at 13h00 GMT 18-Jan-2016. #NeuroSpeak #CaseStudy #MSBlog

"I will be doing our first case study today as a Google Hangout. If you can't make it I will be recording it to YouTube so that you can catch-up asynchronously in your own time (click here for the events page or YouTube Channel).

Part 2

Questions you need to consider before the Jan-2016 webinar:
  1. What type of MS does this patient now have (Dec 2015)? 
  2. What was his baseline prognostic profile in Feb-2005?
  3. Would you have managed his MS differently?
    • In Feb-2005?
    • Between Oct-2006 to May-2012?
    • Between May-2012 to Dec-2015?
  4. Would you stop his glatiramer acetate (Dec-2015)?
  5. Does knowing his EDSS profile help you clinically?
  6. Excluding symptomatic treatments how would you manage his MS in 2016?"

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  1. We had a technical issue and will need to record the second half again. We also realise that we need to make multiple short videos so you can watch these asynchronously. Apologies, we will get this right.

  2. You can watch the second part of this Case Study here:

  3. Very informative thank you. Do serious case reviews take place when there have been missed opportunities as seen within this case?

    1. Let's not get carried away. The case presented represents really quite aggressive RRMS to enter the secondary progressive phase and reach EDSS within 10 years of disease onset. While I would probably have approached this case differently we don't know that starting Tysabri or Lemtrada at the first sign that interferon wasn't working (or even in 2005) would have influence the onset of SPMS

  4. Thanks for this Gavin, looking forward to hearing the responses and differences in other peoples practice.

  5. Great - thanks for trying new technology - much appreciate watching this on 'replay'.


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