Saturday, 20 February 2016

How to get a positive trial in Progression?

How do you get a positive progressive Trial?

Maybe load it with Responders?
You will note that about twice the number of Active PPMSers
were in the Oratoria trial and most of them 90% were drug naive.
In the other trials it was 20-40% of people who had been on DMT if they are still progressing they are likely to be less responsive to DMT.

Fingolimod was clearly inhibiting the active component of MS but not the progressive Bit because the responders were a minor subset of the participants


  1. surprised no comments here, they certainly learned how to enrich a trial, how did novartis not figure it out?

    1. I suspect they did....We will hear the results of the positive Siponimod in secondary progressive MS trial by Novartis at ECTRIMS 2016. Have they loaded the study with early SPMS with gadolinium activity.


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