Thursday, 18 February 2016

Patents lead to Innovation

Whilst surfing the net I came across a pharma website making the case for patent protection and innovation
They said
"Patents exist in all industries and academia. Research-based organizations often file patents for base compounds during the research process, well before launching the product and prior to development of a clinical treatment suitable for use in patients. It can take many years before the new, approved drug can be introduced on the market. As a result, it is not uncommon that benefits from patents last only for 10 to 15 years, even though the overall life of a patent is about 20 years.
Patents help research-based organizations recover their initial investment in R&D. Without patents, research-based organizations could not afford to research and develop new medicines to treat diseases that are currently untreatable or unmanageable. Without patents, R&D would plummet, people suffering from diseases without effective treatment options may be left without hope and there would be no new generics".

                              Here is the supporting video with Corporate Identity Removed

                            So for all you neuros out there 

Please don't develop generic cladribine or any of the generic drugs for Progressive MS, it's bad for business

         Once areas are not profitable they will move on.

So what is the vision of George Freeman to prescription of generics, he says you are free to do it.

(a) Can you prescribe an expensive generic for an un met need?
(b) Can you prescribe a generic compared to current treatment?
(c) Is the idea you patent prescription of generics for new indications?


  1. There was an interesting piece on BBC newsnight last night on Pharma drug pricing using the example of Gileads drug for hepatitis C (which cures the infection). Cost to manufacture £100 or so cost charged £35,000. I felt sorry for the poor sap representing the Pharma industry trying to justify this.
    Things have gone very badly wrong.

  2. For a different take on why new drugs are so expensive this piece from Jack Scannell (Edinburgh University) is very good:

    1. We have posted on this in the past I believe but thanks for the link

  3. We know that the industry does not invest in anything for free, it longs to return, and even somewhat is "fair." The countries often do not have the Big Pharma resource to bear all the expenses involved in the scientific process of developing new drugs be, or reuse of old drugs, or even the financing of research studies. The problem is precisely when this same Big Pharma behaves as an angel (to finance all the "technological and pharmacological wonder) and hell at the same time when you invest and want to return 1.000.000X.
    So ended the same as the States/Countries not can afford the absurd drug prices charged by Big Pharma, much less the final private consumer.
    Then the devil "grows" and puts out its "claws" ...


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