Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Advent Calendar Will be Back

What has this post got to do with MS?....Not much. 

For the die hards with no sense of humour, stop reading now!

For the past few years we have produced a "House of Mouse"     
Advent Calendar to lighten-up  December. This has featured me in different guises such a "Lazy slug"
Whilst MD's taylor closed its doors in 2015...By popular demand the doors will be re-opened and a new wardrobe will be created
So the MD can be a Joker again

Hopefully, we can bring back the Calendar in December 2016

                                               2015 TeamG

2014 TeamG

2013 Neuros round the world

2012 TeamG &  Friends

                                         2011  Christmas theme


  1. Cool!!! I love this little mice!!! o//

  2. Horray for "House of Mouse" thanks MD+MD's taylor!

  3. Hooray for the House of Meeces!

  4. All the work is much appreciated and the blog is a valuable resource but I would be happy to see the mice retired and the blog shut down............

  5. Always good to have a bit of lightheartedness to balance the serious stuff! Long may the advent calendar continue - and well done to the nimble fingered tailor!

    1. No, the goal should be to end the advent calender. I am not a troll. I very much appreciate all the work done by researcher and clinicians but as this blog states "A blog for those affected by MS"."Long may the advent calendar continue.........." I respectfully disagree.

    2. BTW I love Christmas holidays and the mice too......MS, not so much. "God bless us, everyone!"

    3. Lighten up miseryguts!We all need monents of levity from time to time.

  6. I love the mice too and a sense of humour is important when you're living with MS;-)


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