FeedbackSpeak: Are we losing our mojo?

Comments and suggestions needed to improve the blog? #MSBlog #MSReasearch #FeedbackSpeak

"I started this blog in September 2009 in response to CCSVI, which seems to be less of an issue 6+ years later. The blog is now into its 7th year. In that time we have expanded and added many different things. We now have many more contributors to the blog and get the occasional guest bloggers involved. We have become political taking on government policy, pharma, NICE, the NHS, other researchers and even neurologists, to name a few. We have expanded from simply being a site to interpret research findings into providing clinical advice, albeit generic advice, education, news, personal stories and anecdotes, and even the occasional fundraising initiative. The blog is truly a 2-way vehicle and several of our current research initiatives have been driven by you. We have been approached by third parties to monetise the blog, i.e allow sponsored posts (advertorials). Google keeps harassing us to activate Adwords so that we offer you deals, etc. You have said no to advertising. I feel the current format is getting quite jaded and needs to be rejuvenated. To do this we need an administrator to help with editing and increasing the number of guest bloggers. Having a site administrator would also help with the NeuroSpeak case studies, which some of you found helpful. Before embarking on a major overhaul of the site any ideas and suggestions from you would be much appreciated. Thank you."

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