Monday, 19 September 2016


There were thousands of Posters at ECTRIMS2016, but the #ThinkHand poster on the right was viewed alot and it was easy to see (%59) where it was as you walked down steps into the poster area 


  1. Genius. Pure genius to make #ThinkHand stand out from the rest of the crowd and attract attention and generate conversation and stir debate.

  2. Whose idea was the balloons? Surely they should have checked the ECTRIMS rule book first?

    1. Is this important who?

      If it is praise then a Team effort, but if you want to chastise-Do you want a sacrificial lamb to be banned from ECTRIMS 2017.

      FYI How to make a poster

      Policy (rule book)

      Point 5 Which is probably where the moan arises concerns Industrial Exhibitions and not therefore directed at academic presenters who are not selling anything but knowledge.

      In the exhibition spaces I have seen many things. Is a bicycle a gimmick a light bulb?, 3D goggles etc etc.

      Point 6C "Photographs, audio and video recordings, are not permitted at the ECTRIMS official meeting sessions" I wonder how many peoples phones would conform to this? So maybe we would have to ban most of the participants.

      We think the ballooner or balloooners can sleep safely

  3. All three; gimmick, data and genius.


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