#ClinicSpeak #SelfMonitoring: a picture is worth a thousand words

Could you use your golf handicap to monitor the impact of MS on your life? #ClinicSpeak #SelfMonitoring

Summary: One person's story of using his golf handicap to monitor the impact of MS on his physical functioning. 

In clinic yesterday one of my patients who had rapidly evolving severe MS sent me the picture below. I added his DMTs. He said it was his way of self-monitoring the impact of MS on his physical functioning. For the uninitiated, it represents his golf handicap over time. His best handicap in golf was two, which he achieved when he was younger and playing competitively.   

Does any one want write the narrative to go along with the picture? One clue you need is that he was JCV seropositive, with a high titre, on natalizumab, which is why we decided to switch his treatment. 

Please note that this person gave me permission to publish this picture on the blog. 

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