At last the CCSVI epidemic is petering out!

"CCSVI can be viewed as an infectious idea, or concept, or meme." 

"The following graphs and video from Google Trends shows how the CSSVI epidemic started and spread. I am not surprised to see that the epicentres of the epidemic are centred on Canada and Italy. It is clear that the epidemic is running its course and looks to be rapidly petering out." 

"What lessons can we learn from this epidemic? Many! Firstly, the medical community must take any future scare of this nature seriously and start a dialogue on the topic with MSers immediately. Secondly, we need to make sure that we expose bad  science as quickly as possible. Thirdly, we need to quash any conspiracy theory as soon as possible; transparency and openness should be the order of the day. Fourthly, we need to engage with the public and have a continuous dialogue with them; they are too intelligent not to be treated in this way. Fifthly, we need to regain our credibility; no more patronising behaviour or condescending comments. Sixthly, admit we got this one wrong; MSers have died and suffered unnecessarily."

"I suggest we all take a deep breadth and reflect on what has happened; it should never happen again."

Google Trends: time-lapsed video of the epidemic

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