BG12 generics: a German DIY kit

Don't formulate, or take, DIY-BG12. #MSblog #MSResearch

"Some of you may have have already clicked through the link (DMF DIY), that was posted yesterday on the blog, in a comment, and read the DIY instructions on how to formulate your own version of dimethyl fumarate or BG12 (Tecfidera)."

"I need to stress that this is not something you should be doing. DMF is being used in pharmacological doses and has a toxicity profile that needs to be monitored closely  There is no way to be sure if there are any impurities in this DIY-formulation. Commercial grade chemicals are not pure enough to be used in pharmacological preparations. The impurities may cause serious problems. The reason why the Pharma industry is so heavily regulated is to ensure the drugs that are sold meet strict quality guidelines and that there are no impurities in them."

"Some of you, as usual, will accuse me of supporting Pharma, which is definitely the case. Pharma is really the only show in town and without them drug innovation will grind to a halt. In addition, I have a responsibility to ensuring that the MSers in my care are safe and not taking any undefined risks, which you will be doing by self-formulating and taking DIY DMF capsules."

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