We're redefining our Mojo

Anyone for a Mojito cocktail? That was one recommendation. #MSBlog #MSResearch #Mojo

We’re back! Following one week of painful – albeit self-inflicted – soul searching we’ve now discussed the positioning of the blog. Thank you for all the feedback (positive and not-so positive) whilst the blog was suspended. We reviewed ALL of your comments, and felt very much encouraged to resume blogging. There are things we can improve, and below are some of our action points moving forward:

As always, we are interested to hear your thoughts on the above and beyond. It seems as if a lot of you don't like the use of anonymous comments. It would be nice to know if many of you are repeat commentators; who knows you may take on Dr Dre at his/her own game! Can we suggest you take on a pseudonym if you don't want to let the world know who you are?

Photo credit: Dolly Clew

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