CrowdSpeak: blog administrator & charity

How do you feel about supporting the Barts-MS Blog via crowd-funding? #CrowdSpeak #MSBlog #MSResearch

"As part of our efforts to find, and redefine, our mojo and evolve the blog it has become clear that we need a blog administrator to lessen our work load and to support all the planned activities going forward. This is particularly important for managing the guest posts and to handle editorial issues.We have asked you in the past about monetising the blog, i.e. advertising (GoogleAds) and sponsored posts, and you said no."

"Some of you have suggested crowd-funding to achieve this aim. Do you agree with this or not? To do this we would need to start our own charity to handle the funds; this would make it easier for us to manage and use the funds. We could potentially use the charity for other MS-related activities, for example other hard to fund initiatives."


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